Prism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively “PRISM”) will stipulate provisions on the handling of all personal information in providing services to customers, and strive to properly protect personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

PRISM may collect your personal information by the following method.

1. Collecting by user registration at product purchase

PRISM will collect personal information by user registration done when you purchase our products.

2. Collecting by telephone, e-mail, post etc.

When PRISM receive inquiries from our customers by means such as telephone, e-mail, post, etc., we collect personal information as necessary.

Purposes of Use of Personal information

PRISM will use the collected personal information for the following purposes. Apart from these purposes, PRISM will never use it unless customer correspond to “Providing personal information to third party” or to give us consent beforehand.

1. For providing update information on purchased products

PRISM will use it to provide customer with software update information etc. corresponding to our products customer purchased.

2. For providing stable support and service

PRISM will use it to provide support and service to use comfortably the purchased product.

3. For product planning and development

PRISM will use it for the purpose of collecting customer’s opinions, requests etc. so as to make reference for planning and development of products.

4. For sale of products

PRISM will use it to announce our products or services by telephone, e-mail, post etc. when judging that we will meet the customer’s needs in order to sell products.

Disclosuring to Third Party

In principle, PRISM will not provide or disclose personal information to third party without customer consent. However, in the following cases, we may disclose personal.

1. Disclosure based on laws and regulations

In accordance with laws and regulations, when disclosure requests are made by legal or public institutions such as courts or police, PRISM will disclose personal.

2. Offer for outsourcing

In order to develop products and provide services, PRISM may outsource business. Only when we decide it necessary, we will contract concerning the handling of personal information between us and contractors and provide personal information to contractors.

Privacy Policy

In order to prevent the loss, leakage and tampering of personal information, PRISM will properly manage personal information under the supervision of the responsible.


For inquiries regarding handling of personal information, please contact below.

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